One day after the ITC’s vote siding with Cambria to enact a tariff of 340% on imported Chinese quartz surface products, Caesarstone has announced a significant price increase scheduled for August 2019.  The new price increases range from an increase of four dollars per square foot on some lower end colors to an increase of roughly seven dollars per square foot on all former group E colors. Caesarstone will be reorganizing and renaming its color groups as part of the new pricing strategy. What used to be Groups A through E will now be referred to as the Essentials, Standard, Premium, Supernatural, and Supernatural Ultra Series.

Caesarstone was not the only company announcing price increases around the ITC’s recent vote. Just yesterday Jeff Bass with Epic Stone sent an email announcing price increases for its Q Quartz line of products. In his email, Jeff had the following to say:

Fabricators – due to increased pressure from some quartz manufacturers on the US International Trade Commission, we have all been dealing with increased cost in quartz surfacing materials imported from other countries.  With the first round of tariffs last fall, Q from MSI was able to move most production out of China to try to minimize the impact of these rulings on the cost of materials.  Now, with additional filings against quartz surfacing produced in foreign countries other than China, we are unfortunately seeing more pricing increases.

I have attached an updated price list for the Q quartz surfacing colors.  This price list is effective immediately on all materials.  With today’s USITC ruling, and future hearing on materials from other countries, we expect this fight to continue for quite a while.

If you are interested in learning more about this situation, please visit  The American Quartz Worker Coalition was created to work on behalf of installers, fabricators and distributors like us to speak for us against unfair tariffs, designed to benefit a single company in the marketplace.

I will follow up later with an updated quartz group list as well, so you can have that on hand to send out to your cabinet dealers, contractors and homeowners, so they can be made aware of these recent increases in cost.

We have temporarily taken Q Quartz offline from the quoting program as we work on updating our database to reflect the new pricing. We will have it back up as soon as possible. Although Caesarstone and Q Quartz have been the first to announce increases, we are sure they won’t be the last. We’ll keep you informed on changes as they are announced.