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Efficiency, Accuracy, Attention to Detail. These are the qualities customers have come to expect when working with Millennium Granite and Quartz.

We attribute our decades of success to these paramount qualities and continually work to maintain the high customer service and product standards we set for ourselves.

We’ve been forging lasting relationships with trustworthy Slab Distributors, Kitchen & Bath Professionals, Homebuilders, Commerical Contractors and Fabricators across the country. Choose Millennium Granite and Quartz for your next countertop project and discover why these industry professionals have chosen to partner with Millennium.


Opened in fall 2017, our new indoor slab room is the perfect place to browse full sized slabs of the entire Klonidke, Caesarstone and Phenix Marble collections. In our Virtual Slab Room you can find photos of slabs that are currently on display.


Millennium Granite and Quartz is thrilled to have partnered with the Phenix Marble Company to become Iowa’s exclusive suppliers of their one-of-a-kind marble products.

Until recently, the century-old marble quarry in Phenix, Missouri sat abandoned. In it’s heyday the Phenix quarry was the lone source of Napolean Grey Marble, a popular building material used in the construction of monuments, government buildings, and state capitols. The railroad track carrying Napolean Grey to market became abandoned during the Great Depression, and the mining equipment was subsequently requisitioned to aid the war effort during WWII, bringing production to a halt.

The Quarry was reopened in 2016 and the production of Napolean Grey continues. Click here to learn more about the Phenix Marble Company and its famous Napolean Grey marble.


Historically, the mining of granite and production of stone countertops has not been an especially eco-friendly industry.  Over the years, we’ve been taking steps to help become a more carbon-neutral operation.  Investing in  solar arrays and water reclamation systems has helped not only bring our overhead down, but also our carbon footprint.

Completely Solar

Our production facility is completely powered by a 313 panel solar array.

Any excess power generated by the system is sent into the local power grid to create a renewable source of energy for the community.

100% Recycled Water

Our production facility recycles its water

Our machinery requires a constant stream of water to cool the tooling. A reclamation system cleans and recycles 100% of this water, saving thousands of gallons.

LED Lighting

Our new Slab Room is lit entirely by energy efficient LED Lighting

When inspecting slabs, light is imperative. We knew our Slab Room would require intense lighting, so we chose to use LED lighting to not overload our solar array.

Waste Repurposing

Our waste material is re-purposed for use in other industries

Any waste material generated by production is crushed and reused by our local landfill to create roadways for its heavy machinery.